In the Heights Pit

Summer Update 7/8/14

Happy Summer!

I hope you are all getting a good break from school. I just wanted to be in touch on a couple of points so that we are prepared for the fall.

Everybody needs to listen to the show A LOT, and do some casual listening to Salsa as well.

In the Heights

In The Heights (Original Cast Recording) – In The Heights

Example Salsa playlist on Spotify.

Salsa Nation

Evan and Eric,

Everything needs to be able to be plugged in, no mics. This is important to make our sound as good as it can be and to keep things simple.


Lip slurs, every single day. Take your mouthpiece on vacation kind of every day. This is essential given the ranges and importance of your parts.

If you need a routine look one up online and do a little reading or I can leave one of the technique books from school in the main office.