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Singapore's housing in the past


Interviewee 1: I do not think that there is anything special about Tiong Bahru. It is not important me, working here for 5 to 6 years.There is no trademark in here. i think it is average here.

Interviewee 2: I think it is special as there is famous olden time buildings.It makes it very important to me, i have been working here for a long time. the trademark is the show 118,they have very nice food,near orchard road the fish here are fresh and tourists like the Japanese and Indonesian love olden time pots,like working here.

Interviewee 3:It is very important to me ,the food and old building makes it special . not working or living in Tiong Bahru but come once a week. trade mark are the tool.like coming to Tiong Bahru.

Interviewee 4:It is special to me like the horse shoe building ,and it was used by the England before World War 2.It is very important and that this place is like a souvenir.I has been living here for seventy two years. The trademark is the horse shoe building.Like to live here very much. (extra info) cement is very strong

Interviewee 5: It is special and important to me as I have been living here for around 20 years and there are memories. The trademark of Tiong Bahru is the U shaped housing. I like to live here very much as there are gardens for my kid to play.

our GI research:

Tiong Bahru Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore. During World War 2 it was used as a air roid shelter and us believed to be the last civilian air roid

shelter in Singapore. Tiong Bahru architecture was built in a horse-shape and in the past was made up of 2 to 5 storeys flats which is a very rare sight in Singapore though as currently there are high-rise buildings.

Land use survey:

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Singapore's housing in the present

Seng Kang neighbourhood (inclusive housing)

Singapore's housing in the future

group's drawing of future inclusive neighbourhood (10 years time)