Hamline Family Newsletter

March 1- March 12 , 2021

A Note from Principal Reilly

Happy first day of March! February brought us lots of new beginnings with the return of over 100 scholars into the building, and many of our teachers receiving their first round of vaccines. We are also very proud of how our scholars who have remained in virtual learning have continued to engage and complete their work. Way to go Huskies!

It has been a delight to see caregivers dropping off in the morning as we welcome the children into school. We know it is difficult to not be able to come in the building, but I assure you we are taking excellent care of them. I promise I will send home another video this week so you can see how we are navigating in person learning. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.

Thank you for sharing your most precious people with us. It is an honor we do not take for granted.

In Partnership,

Principal Kristin Reilly

A Note from Assistant Principal Ewald

Although school looks a bit different right now, there are still some things that COVID can not take away from us.

  • The smiles of the students as they get off the bus
  • The laughter of the kids in the lunchroom when they tell knock-knock jokes
  • The pride of earning a Pawsome ticket for showing kindness to a classmate
  • The energy of our students and staff
  • The determination of our students as they work on assignments at home

As always, please call, text or email me with any questions or concerns.

Email: jennifer.ewald@spps.org

Office: 651-744-6055

Google Voice: ‪(612) 315-0791‬

No School

We do not have school on Friday, March 5th due to teacher conference prep day.

Fifth Grade Virtual Visit to Murray

I wanted to share with you that for our 5th grade students heading to Murray Middle school, we are holding a virtual tour with the middle school. Families are more than welcome to join their students. Students will get to meet their new school counselor, learn about what Murray has to offer incoming 6th graders, and get a virtual building tour.

Please come prepared with your questions. This will be held on Wednesday March 3rd at 12:30pm. The meeting link is: http://meet.google.com/whw-jafz-jbr

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up Plan

Parent Drop Off: 7:15-7:30

If you are planning on dropping off your child in the morning, our Parent Drop Off is through the parking lot on the Hubbard side of our building. (Front parking lot will be blocked by buses dropping off). A car line will form and as you pull up to the back doors off the parking lot, adults will be waiting to help your children out of the car and into school. Please do not get out of your cars, or leave your car in the car line as it creates a back up. If you are walking your children to school feel free to drop off on either side of the building outside of the doors. Ms. Kaltun and Mr. Eli will be waiting on the Englewood side of the building to greet students as well.

Parent Pick Up: 1:55-2:15

We will begin dismissal at 1:50. Students who will be picked up will be brought to the cafeteria to wait for their parent or guardian. This allows us to maintain cohorts, as well as safe distancing. We will have two staff members outside and as you pull up they will walkie staff inside letting them know who to send out. We know this may take a bit more time, but we have to be sure to maintain safe distancing. Please remember to wait outside for your children if you are walking home with your children. Let a staff member know you are there and they will walkie inside.

Late Drop Off or Early Pick Up(After 7:30 or before 2:00)

If you need to drop off your child late:

  • Drop your child off in the front of the school in the parking lot on Englewood.
  • Your child will walk to the front door and press the buzzer to be let in.
  • SPPS must reduce the number of adults visiting our buildings to help ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.
  • Students must be dropped off outside school building entrances. Students cannot be escorted by family members to their classrooms or anywhere else inside the building. In addition, families will not be allowed to have lunch, observe a class, volunteer or engage in any other activities in school buildings.
  • We understand this is disappointing for many of our students and families. We are implementing these changes to minimize risk and help ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.

Face Masks

We want to make sure that everyone feels protected while learning, working in or visiting Saint Paul Public Schools. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has directed that masks or face coverings must be worn throughout Minnesota in all indoor public spaces - including school buildings. This executive order applies to all visitors, staff and students (kindergarten and older). Pre-K students are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings if they can do so in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Watch this short video from members of the Hamline staff on wearing a mask.

In-Person Learning iPad Information

  • Students will bring iPads to school and back home everyday.
  • Please charge the iPad every night.

COVID-19 Student and Family Guidelines

Families returning to school should familiarize themselves with these guidelines, which are updated regularly and cover prevention strategies, health screening and monitoring, exclusion guidance, and the SPPS COVID-19 Reporting System.

Please click on the following link for COVID-19 Student and Family Guidelines

Health Screening

Families should conduct a health screening every morning before sending their student to school or the bus stop. School staff will also monitor for symptoms throughout the school day. If your child is exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, do not send them to school. Report the absence to your child’s school and submit a report to the COVID-19 Reporting System the same day for next steps.

Please click on the following link for the Health Screening form

Sick Students

Students who become sick during the school day will be isolated (under supervision) until they can be picked up. It is important that sick students are picked up as soon as possible to limit the risk to other students and staff. Please make sure your contact information is up to date in Campus.

Doneta Johnston is our nurse and Joyce Boston is our assistant. Please watch the video to hear a message from Ms. Doneta and Ms. Joyce.

Ms. Lynnette

Hello Hamline Huskie Families! I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy. Below are two resource updates I'd like you to be aware of. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any support navigating the below resources or any other resources within the community.

Email: lynnette.medcalf@spps.org

Office: 651-744-5588

GM: Mslynn

  • Another round of Pandemic EBT (food support) is coming late March. All students who are receiving MFIP, SNAP (TANF), or who have completed an application for Free/Reduced School Meals automatically qualify. Funds will go directly to MFIP benefit cards. For those not enrolled in these programs, but have F/R Lunch status, cards will be mailed to the address on file at the school. There is no separate application process for the school year 2020-21. Students who spent the majority of the month doing in-person learning will not receive P-EBT benefits for that month. Students who spent the majority of the month in distance learning will receive $130. Benefits are retroactive to September 2020.

For more information, please visit https://mn.gov/dhs/p-ebt/

  • COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance is coming soon to Minnesota renters. The new program will help eligible renters with overdue rent since March 2020, up to three months of upcoming rent at a time, and related utility payments. The program will be open for applications in a matter of weeks, with an anticipated launch in late March. Eligible renters will include households that earned 80% or less of area median income in 2020 or in the most recent month. Landlords will be able to apply on behalf of their eligible tenants as well.

For more information, please visit https://www.mnhousing.gov/sites/np/covid19emergencyrentalassistance

Ms. Kaltun

This past week, the counseling lesson in K-2 in-person and K-3 virtual was about Ruby Bridges. I had students think about Ruby’s character and personality traits as we discussed this American leader and activist. Many of the stories we cover with our students in Black History Month are stories of leadership and change of an oppressive system. While so much has changed, racism is still a problem. Racism is still a lived reality for some of our students. So how do we empower our young scholars that they too are leaders with the potential to change? How do we coach them to become effective activists bringing about social change? As the murder trial of George Floyd starts on March 8th, I’m thinking about how many of our children may feel hopeless and helpless. As an educator and a parent, I am thinking of ways we can inspire them to take action on issues that matter to them.

Meal Service

Meals for Students Learning In-Person

Free breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students during in-person learning. Menus are available at schoolcafe.com/spps.

Free Meal Kits to go- starting February 16

Families can pick up free meal kits from school on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30. Drive around through the parking lot, on Hubbard side of building, and a Nutrition Services staff member will be ready to hand you a meal kit. Families are asked to pre-register to pick up these kits. Please click here

For more information about how meals will be served and eaten when students return to school, visit spps.org/reopen.

Midway Project

The Midway Project provides food and other care supplies on Wednesdays from 11:00-1:00 out of our attached Hancock Recreation Center. Tables are set up so that you are able to drive thru the parking lot on Hubbard side of our building to pick up supplies. All are welcome!

Monday-Friday Meal Pick Up Sites 8:00am-3:00pm

    • Battle Creek Middle

    • Central High School

    • Como Park Senior High

    • Open World Learning

    • Harding High School

    • Highland Complex

    • Johnson High School

    • Washington Tech Magnet School

Virtual Learning Resources

Please click on the following icons for more information.

Student Competencies developed through Inquiry Based Learning

"Our job is not to prepare students for something; Our job is to help students prepare themselves for anything."

As we build our inquiry-based learning model at Hamline, we have identified five competencies that we want every student leaving Hamline with: Collaborators, Communicators, Problem Solvers, Creators, and Self and Community Aware. We believe these are the characteristics needed to prepare students for the 21st century.

School-Based Mental Health Partnership

Should you consider Mental Health Therapy for your child?

Life has been turned upside down for everyone. The current life events that are happening should not be processed alone. Therapy can help children begin to process and make sense of their worlds with a Mental Health Professional.

Paying attention to the mental health of children can help reduce problems at home, school, and in social interactions with others.

If you would like more information about starting therapy services for your child please reach out to our School Social Worker, Lynnette Medcalf at Lynnette.medcalf@spps.org or School Counselor, Kaltun Abdikarani at Kaltunabdikarani@spps.org. You can also fill out the help form for families on the Hamline website, spps.org/hamline.

Thank you,

Sharice Zaccardi

Community School Mental Health Practitioner

The Midway Food & Empowerment Project

The Midway Food & Empowerment Project aims to collect and distribute resources to our community on an ongoing basis.The speed at which multiple community partners came together to make this happen is nothing short of amazing. We will continue to work with our partners to ensure that our community members receive the items they need to thrive



Reminder to fill out the annual iUpdate student form at Campus Parent. It is important we have updated contact information so you will receive updates from the school. If you need any help with your login or password, email karen.azen@spps.org or leave a message at 651-744-4287.

About Hamline Elementary

Bridging Snelling Avenue, Hamline Elementary and Hamline University are one integrated campus. Each member of our community is both a teacher and a student, engaged in a journey of lifelong learning that provides a rich variety of resources to support this diverse education. Our partnership with Hamline University, the first of its kind in the nation, places more than 100 tutors and mentors in classrooms and provides students with access to the university campus on a continual basis. Hamline students see themselves in college students. As the saying goes, "College begins in kindergarten". We are two campuses, but one community in the heart of the Hamline Midway neighborhood.