Ramon's Run

by: Alexandra Lewis

Join Squeaky as she gets ready for her mayday races

Squeaky will be joined by her older brother Ramon. You may realize that he is not "all there" I will advise you to keep your mouth shut about that, because Squeaky is not one to play the dozens. She'll just knock you on your bum and run, and she is the fastest thing on to feet. There is no track meet she doesn't win, but that doesn't stop the new girl, Gretchen, from acting a fool and making smart remarks about Squeaky and Ramon.

At the mayday races Squeaky puts Ramon in the kiddie swings and gets ready for her race. As Squeaky is running she sees Ramon running and starts to ponder if she could retire as a runner and just coach Ramon.

Of course Squeaky wins, from that race she starts to have some respect for Gretchen and wonders if she would like to coach Ramon to. Ramon has got a run all his own.

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