Karen Vazquez & Jaciel Garibo

Overview of the organization

The Drug addiction treatment center has professionals that help people that have addictions with drugs abuse and alcohol abuse, they also have three different programs such as Detox facilities get help now luxury drug rehab, that help them treat it, they give them the support they need while they go through the treatment.

Types of illness treated

They treat alcohol and drug abuse .

Detox Facilities

Typically this treatment is shorter because concentration being on getting rid of medical problems.There are treatment programs for drug addiction. They also have programs for addictions which are located in hospitals.

Get help now

The drug rehab treatments helps the client that he or she has an addiction that wants to get rid of. They have medical researches that help you with your health in order to stop the drug addiction and they allow you to have an active life with your family and work place.

Luxury drug rehab

Luxury drug helps with the emotions once they enter the rehab center. The rehab center helps the people calm down and whats going through their mind. There are different rehab programs that people can afford.

Contact information

Give them a call if you need help at (888)877-5261

Five Facts

1. In order to go into a facility treatment you have to compete a detox period.

2. many people have a hard time recognizing they have an addiction.

3.The people they help are satisfied with their work.

4. they wok as a team

5.they have observation 24/7

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