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October 5, 2020

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Principal's News

Recently we saw a change of seasons and officially welcomed fall. The fall season, to me, always represents change and renewal. If there's one thing that we've learning over the last 6 months, it's that change is inevitable and will find us even if we don't want it to! Thank you to all of you for doing your very best to embrace this new, if temporary, way of learning.

We are now just over a month into remote learning, and while it's not without its challenges, many of us have begun to fall into a routine. Parents and students are able to navigate into Google Classrooms, live instruction, and special subjects. I have so enjoyed getting to see your student's face onscreen. Children are resilient, and most of them seem happy to be back with their peers, even in a virtual setting.

As parents, I know that you all are being bombarded with emails and various forms of communication, both to your own inbox as well as your child's. We know this is a lot, but I want to encourage you to continue to keep on top of these modes of communication as much as possible. Given that we are completely online at this time, it's more important than ever to utilize various modes of communication in order to try to keep you as informed and connected as possible.

Please remember that we are here to help! If you're still struggling with remote learning or if you're having technical difficulties with your device, please let us know.

Ms. Shana Cole, Secretary

Ms. Kelly Corrigan, Principal

Elementary Specials

By now, I hope you've gotten into the routine of knowing how and when to access livestreaming specials (art, music and physical education), as well as recorded sessions. You should also now be receiving email confirmation of attendance when your child submits his/her codeword to get credit for each session.

As a reminder, specials can be accessed through the Learning Hub (here). Although specials are not required for students enrolled in the option 2 learning paths, Option 2 students can still participate! You will follow the same procedure to access specials, however your student will NOT need to submit the code word for attendance. In addition you can check the specials website for information about specials conferences or other special events and opportunities.

NWEA Testing

As you are aware, we've been working on completing the NWEA/MAP assessment online with students. As this is the first time administering the assessment remotely, we know that there were some bumps along the road! We want to thank all parents and caregivers for supporting their students during the assessment. We know that there was frustration but we are grateful to you for sticking with it and supporting both your student and his or her teacher.

Assessment is a required part of our educational program, and is mandated by state and federal departments of education. While it may not be the ideal way to administer, it is important that it is completed for each child. We learned a lot during this remote assessment administration; we hope to have our Option 1 students back in person during the next administration, but if by chance we have to complete it remotely again, I expect that it will go much more smoothly the next time around.

Fall Open House

Thank you to those of you who tuned in to our first ever virtual open house! It was wonderful to see so many of you in attendance, and I know that your child's teacher enjoyed getting to chat more casually with many of you.

If you missed the open house, you still have the opportunity to attend my presentation, you can still click the attachment below to view the slideshow.

Fall Conferences

Fall conferences will be held virtually via Google Meet, and will be scheduled by your child's teacher. You should have received a Google form from your child's teacher, where you can record your preferred conference block. Conferences will be held during the following times:

Tuesday, October 13th, 4:00-8:00 pm

Thursday, October 15th, 12:15-8:15 pm

Please remember that a request for a specific block of time is not a guarantee. Thank you for understanding that we cannot honor requests for a specific conference time.

Student Meal Distribution

ALL KPS students are eligible for free meals during remote learning! Please see the attachment below for meal distribution sites, days and times.

Mobile Health and Dental Clinic

As a reminder, Mobile Health and Dental services are available again this year through the Family Health Center.

If you are interested in participating, please click here to see the Family Health Center's website for more information, or fill out their online electronic registration form (click here).

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Important Dates to Remember:

October 13 and October 15: Fall Conferences

October 9, 15 and October 16: Half Day Schedule

November 30: End of First Trimester