All About Me

Sukhleen Mander

Who am I?

I am Sukhleen Mander and I am 15 years old. I was born on September 14, 2000 in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. I live with my parents, grandparents and my two younger sisters. I am really friendly, loyal, independent and I like to help others. My favorite subjects are science and gym. I don't like to play many sports, but the only sports I enjoy playing are soccer, football, badminton and baseball. I'm not competitive. I like to enjoy the moment and take my time in the things I like to do. I like to sketch and draw when I'm bored at home. I also love to read. My favourite genres are romance, adventure, and comedy. My favorite book series are The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices which are both written by Cassandra Clare. I have read these books more than once. I also love the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. Moreover, I love to read online on Wattpad. I love eating food and I like to cook for my family. I like to eat spicy food and I enjoy watching movies and TV shows. Recently, my favorite shows are Teen Wolf and Suits. I don't like to go outdoors much, but I enjoy going out on cloudy and rainy days. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is listening to music. I like to listen to all types of music but my most favorite genre is pop. My favorite artist is Selena Gomez and I like listening to her latest album Revival. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to pick one thing. I sort of like two things at once and that's why I can be confused at times when I have to make a decision about anything. I can get obsessed with things but it will only be for a certain amount of time. My goal in life is to end world hunger even though I am fully aware that it cannot be fully solved, and to make the world a better place.

Life Line

My Favorite Things

My first favorite thing is my iPhone because I have it with me all the time. I like to keep it with me. I use it everywhere I go. When I am bored I play games on it, or when I am in a awkward situation I use my phone to get away with it. It is also my favorite because I take pictures on my phone when I see something eye catching or worthy of taking a picture.

I also like to read online on my phone. My second favorite things are books. I love to read books because they are entertaining and interesting to read. Books are also my way to escape the world and forget about my problems and tensions when I am reading. My third favorite thing is hoodies. Hoodies are my favorite because they are really comfortable and cozy. I like to be wearing something comfortable for the day so I don't have to feel awkward and not be comfortable with my clothing. I take good care of all my sweaters and hoodies. My number one wish is to have a whole closet of hoodies to wear everyday. I always wear hoodies at home and outside of home.

My Leadership Style

There are may different types of leadership styles, but the one that I possess is the leader as a persuader. I always figure out what everyone's strengths are in the group. I then ask them if they would like to take up the responsibility onto that task in the project or assignment. I include others into the decision making, but in the end I tend to decide what will be best for the group. Before I make the final decision, I consider everyone's opinions and think over it. I don't like to make decisions with everyone disagreeing to it. I am a type of person who encourages everyone and includes everyone in the group. I don't like to order people around or make decisions myself or even be the leader of a group. I like to go with what ever the others in the group like to do. Sometimes I like to lead the group when things get complicated between the members of the group. I tend to lead them to the right path and then vote on things as a group to avoid conflict in the group.

My Influences

My main influence is my older cousin Navjot. I look up to her as my older sister. She helps me with everything I have trouble doing. She has helped me realize that everyone is smart in their own ways and everyone is unique and different. I used to be really shy and used to think a lot about what others thought of me, but later on Navjot helped me realize that I shouldn't think about what others think of me all the time because society judges everyone so it doesn't make a difference whether they like me or not. She is smart and friendly and really encouraging. I always get a positive vibe from her. My friends are also my influences in life. My best friend Kareena influences me in school. She is hard working and gets good grades in school. By seeing her working hard, she gets me to work hard as well and give my best in everything. She helps everyone around her when they need help with anything. I get influenced to help others too when they need my help as well. Another one of my good friends, Bhawan, likes to make new friends and talk to new people all the time. I have never been the type of person to go up to someone I don't know and start a conversation with them. After meeting her in high school, I have been getting influenced to talk to new people and not shy away from them. I don't regret doing that because it is a good thing to talk to new people and to get out of you comfort zone to try new things. My other group of friends that I hang out with during lunch at school are also big influences and role models to me. They are all very funny, loyal, smart, hardworking, and nice. They have impacted me to become a better person and move a little out of my comfort zone and explore outside of my own world. All of these people mean a lot to me and are the great influences in my life.

My Role Model

My role model ever since I was really little was my dad. I look up to him all the time because my dad is well educated and has worked hard to get to where he is now. He studied a lot when he went to school and worked really hard get good grades. My dad is very determined and never falls back on his words and promises. when my dad is given a job to do, he is focused on that one job and never fails to complete it. He was even able to move to Canada from India on his own two feet himself. He was able to move without much help of his parents and found a very well respected job as an engineer. He is respected at work and works honestly. He inspires me and my sisters to work hard and to not let others walk over us. My dad is very motivational when it comes to hard work and life expectations. He talks about his past mistakes and tells us not to make those same mistakes. My younger sisters and I always learn something new from our dad about life in general. My dad also has been my mentor since I started school. He helps me and my sisters with our schoolwork when we need help. My dad is both my role model and inspiration. In the future I would like to have a very respected job as my dad. I would also like to be very smart about life in general and be hard working as my dad.

My Future

My career plans in the future is to go into the medical field or something related to law. I am not completely sure yet. I would like to be a surgeon or a nurse, but I am also interested in law. I plan on studying more in biology and chemistry throughout high school. I would ask my counselor about what other courses I should take about the medical field I am planning to going into. I would even ask them to help me look for a course related to criminology or criminal law. I find criminology interesting and I would like to learn about it. I want to learn law because I plan on taking some sort of course that connects to criminology. I enjoy watching crime shows and I want to be part of solving crimes. I like to take risks in life now and I want to end crime in the world. Maybe learning a bit about crime and law can help me with that in the future. It will also be my backup plan if going into medical doesn't work out for me too well. Although I am surely to go into science though, because I am passionate about science even though I like to learn about law. I find science fun and enjoy learning about it too. I want to help people in the future and make a difference in other people's lives.

Family Symbols

Every Saturday, my family and I have a tradition of ordering pizza from our favorite pizza place and eat it together while talking and watching TV together. The pizza represents my family because it is something my family and I do every Saturday together after a long week of going to work or school. We like to spend time together as much as we can because my family is always busy. Saturday's are the days where we want to relax and catch up to each other. Since my family is Sikh, the gurudwara (the name of our worship place) represents my family because my family and I believe in god. We believe that everything happen for a reason. We go every Sunday morning and it has now become another one of our traditions. We go there every Sunday morning and stay there for an hour or two. On the way back we always go to the grocery store to get our week's groceries. My third family symbol is going to the movies. Every two weeks my family and I go to the movie theater. We watch either a Bollywood movie or an Hollywood movie depending on what movie has released. My family and I try spending a lot of time together and try doing everything together.

Personality Test Results

In the Learning Styles Test, I got visual-auditory which means that I find it easier to learn things through visuals. For Personality Test, I got ISFP which stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. It means that I am practical and understanding. I enjoy math and I am somewhat of an artistic person. In the Interests test, I got the Futurist (IA) which means that I like to work independently and think about the future a lot. For the Knowledge Test, I got social science which means that I like to learn about history, geography, physics and law. For the Motivations Test, I got achievement which means that I like to get recognized for my achievements because of the effort and the hard work I put to achieve them. In the Multiple Intelligence's Test, my strongest intelligence was existential strength. This strength means that I enjoy to relax and meditate. I enjoy viewing art masterpieces, studying about history and ancient culture. My weakest intelligence is visual strength. I find it easy to learn visually, but I cannot recall things in mental pictures. I find it a bit hard which means that I am not so great at memorizing things. I need to understand it fully to remember the information instead of memorizing it. On my True Colors handout, the results for it was that I am Responsible Gold and Harmonious Blue. Both colors had the same points. Responsible Gold means that I plan ahead, am organized, loyal, very responsible and I follow the rules and respect authority. Harmonious Blue means that I like harmony and positive vibes and I like close relationships. I am friendly, sensitive and I value other peoples feelings. I am also imaginative and my goal is to make the world a better place, which I do intend on doing in the future.