Solana Santa Fe Stuff

AKA: the world as Becky sees it

Noteworthy Dates

February 13 3:00 - Sibling Conference Scheduling and Wine to follow at 067

February 14 - End of grading period

February 17 - 21 Vacation (As if you could forget.)

February 25 8:30 - PTO meeting: Terry Decker will repeat his presentation about Common Core for the parents. Please invite your families.

February 25 1:30 - full earthquake drill (Let's work the kinks out.)

February 27 - Staff Meeting

March 6 - Solana Vista 3rd grade teachers visit

Using Valentine's Day to Teach Empathy

Matt Davis, a freelance contributor at Edutopia, provides resources, including materials for teaching empathy, a curriculum focused on digital literacy and citizenship, and tips for teaching students to view things from a different perspective.