By: Rebeca Hilker


A chef is a highly skilled professional cook. They work in different restaurants, organizing and preparing different kinds of foods to please their customers.

Travel, Dangers, & Advantages

Travel: As a chef you may move from restaurant to restaurant.

Dangers: Some things you have to worry about are rude customers, making sure that your food is cooked all the way so you don't give your customers salmonella, and making sure you cut or burn yourself while cooking

Advantages: You have the opportunity to do something you love, you can expand your skill, and you get to cook good food for yourself.

Pictures of some famous Chefs

Other Information

Education, Universities, and Salary

It is not required, but most chefs go to culinary school.

Should know: classic French culinary techniques, knife skills, sauce, stock preparation, and different styles of cooking

Universities: Idaho State and Drexel

Salary: $50,00-to over $85,000