CPU, RAM and Motherboards


CPU stands for: Central Processing Unit and is basically the brains of a computer. In the CPU all calculations and desicions are made and carried out. It is often referred to as the central processor or just the processor; the more powerful the processor, the quicker it can carry out actions that you give it by selecting things and typing etc.


RAM stands for: Random Access Memory; the amount of RAM a computer has determines how much memory there is for programs that are run to use. RAM memory is volition, meaning that it doesn't, retain the data stored on it when the power is cut. When using RAM memory, you can access any byte of data without touching any of the data next to it.


Every computer containers a motherboard, it is the main circuit inside a computer and houses the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the hard drive and other components such as video cards, network cards and sound cards. The motherboard lets the all the different components of a computer communicate and work with each other.