News from ELE

September fun and Upcoming events

It has been a wonderful start to ELE. We have had so much fun getting to know your children as we introduce our school routines and their fellow classmates.

We have been busy with an All About Me Unit where students discovered different things about themselves. They practiced writing their names, graphed hair color and eye color, learned their age and birthdays, and practiced identifying emotions and what we consider expected and unexpected school behaviors. Another important skill we have practiced is identifying if a problem is "big" or "small" and how they can handle different problems. Students have also practiced identifying letters and letter sounds and have done a great job working hard to remember these!

We are looking forward to diving into our Community Helpers unit where they will learn about Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Doctors, and other helpers in our community.

Important Upcoming Dates

September 30: Picture Day

Just a few things to reinforce at home for Kindergarten Readiness!

Self Help Skills with toileting, dressing, and caring for their belongings
Letter and letter sound recognition
Number recognition 0-10
Name writing