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Your Monthly Wrap-up!

October is going to be soooo GOOD!

Is your head spinning with excitement for all we have at our fingertips in October? Sit down, take a deep breath and make a plan but don't let excitement or anticipation inhibit you from taking action....DO IT TODAY! Use the October Success Plan and decide not only to make your own success but to actually DO IT! What is your goal? A couple of trunk shows and $150 in product credit with Jumpstart for all? $1000 in product credit for acheiving the Circle of Success in Jumpstart for all? Or maybe the most achievable BIG bonus we've ever done...the iHappy challenge for an iPad?!?!?!

Let's make your plan today!

September Kudos!

Top in September Sales (PCV)!

Hannah Hendley 4886.7 0

Susan Carruth 3283.16 0

Carolyn Barnes 2227.57 2

Crystal Cowart 1351.66 0

Samantha Boone 1187.82 0

Meg Thorstenson 1075.23 0

Sherry Clark 988.33 0

Alexandra Fehling 846.56 0

Whitney Delong 818.49 0

Victoria Kennedy 689.39 0

Sherry Sawicki 682.18 0

Paige Fulford 661.22 0

Allison Smythe 577.2 0

India Cox 520.68 0


We added SEVEN new stylists to our team last since 9/1/12! I'm thrilled that our sponsoring initiative is working!

Amber Diver, sponsored by Carolyn Barnes

Jessica Chase, sponsored by Carolyn Barnes

*Whitney DeLong, sponsored by Carolyn Barnes

*Meg Thorstenson, sponsored by Anna Sample

*India Cox, sponsored by Amanda Shaw

Tracy Thompson, sponsored by Susan Carruth

Kim Renz, sponsored by Valerie Cloutier


Congratulations to these New Stylists that have earned Jumpstart!

Whitney DeLong $300

Meg Thorstenson $300

India Cox $300

The Dixie Dazzler Team

Carolyn Barnes

Star Stylist for Stella & Dot

Local Area Leader and Mentor