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What a week!

Thank you for your support with Booster-Thon this week! The students had a blast with the activities and especially the fun run! Junior High will make-up their color run when the weather is better ...

We are so grateful for parent participation and volunteering efforts. Thank you!!!

Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour this weekend!

Sara Tucker


Happenings and such...


Report cards: All 6-9th graders were given their report card within the last couple of days. Please check with your student about it if you have not seen it yet. If you need another copy, please reach out and we can get that to you.

Daylight Savings ends: Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour on November 6!

Veterans Day: We do not have school on November 11in honor of veterans.

International Festival is on November 18! Students continue to work on their country reports and are excited to be able to share their findings!

Hoodies: Students may wear school spirit, military, school event related (like the redwoods trip), and university/college related hoodies in class and during school sponsored events. No other hoodies should be worn at school.

Original Works: We are so happy to share with you that we are doing Original Works again this year! The students make artwork and we send it to a company that will put it on all sorts of things you can purchase. These things include magnets, cards, bags, cups, ornaments, towels, pillow cases, to name a few. These can be used as holiday gifts for children's grandparents. The proceeds from this go to your student's classroom to be used for a variety of things within their classroom. This is a wonderful way to support the classroom further and help supply things teachers and students may need. The ordering will all take place online and that information will be on the flyer.

If your child's class chose to participate in this wonderful opportunity, the ordering information will be sent home with your child, Monday, November 7. Please watch for these. The online ordering deadline will be Wednesday, November 17. Any orders made after this will be processed separately and may not be delivered before the holidays.

Thank you for all you do, we truly appreciate you!!!

Safety First!

PLEASE use the crosswalks and wait for the crossing assistants to create a safe environment! This morning alone there were several near misses as folks crossed from in between cars... safety is a priority! Please also slow down ion the parking lot...we had a near miss this week! We would rather your child be a moment late rather than have an accident. If you need to run something into the school or help your child out of the car, please park in a parking space and not along the drop off zone. This will help with keeping the flow of traffic consistent. Please be patient and kind with other drivers as well. Blinkers, patience, and a deep breath go a long way.

**We are looking for Assistants and Substitutes! If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the substitute and assistant interest form linked here .**

Title 1 information

If you missed Back to School Night, here is the information about Title 1!

Late Drop off's

When bringing your student to school, if it is after 8:30, please come in and check them in. Thank you~

Food, Phones, and gum

I have noticed some things that are concerning and hope to get your support with changes. I have seen many a student with a phone out during class time, in the halls, and during unstructured times. We would respectfully ask that phones be put away. This also applies to phone watches. Students need to be focused on the lessons of the day, not on social media, texting, or phone calls from friends and family. Please respect the time that our amazing teachers have put in preparing lessons and activities to enhance student learning and encourage your student to put away phones and phone watches. If you need to get a hold of your student during the day, please contact the office.

With regards to food, our nutrition policy states that snacks and lunches should be healthy, that no soda or energy drinks will be allowed in the school, and that we should encourage a healthy eating. This includes birthdays, food will not be included in celebration of life (birthday) celebrations. Please respect the fact that we are working to build healthy minds and bodies.

We have many who wander through the school and in classes chewing gum. This gum ends up in the carpet, under tables, and gum has even found its way into hair. Gum does not need to be a part of the school day, except in certain circumstances. Please help ensure that your student is not bringing gum to school.

Together we can make a positive change and create an environment that is conducive to great learning experiences!

And the results are in...

Thank you to those who took the time to vote on our mascot! With the majority of voters electing to move back to the mountain lion, we will be doing so. One of the concerns expressed was whether students would be able to wear spirit wear from previous years and the answer is a resounding yes, being a dragon is part of the history of the school! We will move forward with new spirit shirts for the upcoming year and have an artwork contest with our students, date to be announced.

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