Land Day

Join me celebrating Land Day on March 30th in Palestine!


This holiday was first celebrated in 1977, one year after the protest. On March 30, 1976, the Arabs of Palestine marched through towns and villages to advocate against the Israelite government's plan to expropriate, take the lands of, the Palestinian people to "judaize" the indigenous people. 6 people were killed by the Israelite soldiers, thousands were injured and hundreds were arrested

Every year since 1976, the Palestinians have tried to march to Jerusalem.

Palestine Land Day ...Qalandia 30.03.2012 By

“We will return to our land, no matter how long it takes.”

Holiday Details

  • Every year, the protests are planned months in advance, but only occur on March 30.
  • Many families leave the country to go on vacation to Paris or London before the protests begin.
  • The nights before the protest occurs, the members who will be involved pray together and have a feast.
  • There is a curfew put in place and enforced by the Israelite government.
  • The Hamas organize a protest every year.
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Amin Nassiri

Amin is 20 and lives in the Gaza region of Palestine. He is very hard working, kind and intelligent. He loves animals and his family use to own a farm until it was taken by the Israelite government. Many of his friends and his aunt and uncle were forced to leave the country because their lands were stolen by the Israelites.

American Holiday

This isn't like many American Holidays that we celebrate, but it is like when the Americans tried to assimilate the Native Americans because both are cases of ethnic cleansing.

This situation better relates to the Apartheid in South Africa where the blacks and the whites lived in separate parts of the cities and the white South African government would take the blacks land.