October Sky project

by jaden miles

who am i

Hey my name is jaden i live with a sister and a mother. I love all kinds of sports, basketball, soccer, track, but the sport i love the most is football. When i was little, i was a skinny, short kid who tried to blend in with other kids. I used to get bully at my old elementary school, medowbrook,. One day, i was watching college football and it was LSU vs. Ole miss. It was a good game and i was thinking to myself, why not let football be my career.

Game time

I went to my mom and i said if i can do football. My mom said that maybe sports are just not for you. I was said but i didn't let that stop so i tried to convince my mom and she said yes. First day of practice came and we was in pads. I was super scared but i didn't let that stop me. We was about to do oklahoma drills and i got popped, but i didn't let that stop so i practice hard every day. the season was over and i had a good season. my team went undefeated and won the super. I end the season with 8 touchdowns plus a touchdown in the super bowl. My mom was proud

Feature goals

Football is now officially my favorite sport and i want to play football for a career, so i worked hard every day pushing my limits and never gave up. Im doing track so that i can get faster for football. I gain weight so that i can be harder to tackle. i go to the gym every day so that i can get stronger for football. I hope that i can get a scholarship for college and become a Heismen winner. As soon i finish college, i want to be drafted to the new orleans saints because that were my family from. Then once i become retired from the NFL, im want to be in the hall of fame