These cool perimeciums

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This is a euglena

Moves:The euglena moves moves by using a flaglena (it only has one)

Reproduces:The euglena reproduces by using mitosis (mitosis is going into to), it splits into to

Eating:The euglena eats by using its eye spot to detect light and the use its chloroplast and makes photosynthesis.

Environment: It has a eyespot to detect light and make photosynthesis.

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This is the volvox

Moves:The volvox moves by having two flagella

Environment:The volvox responds to its environment by letting the daughter colonies go.

Reproducing:The volvox has daughter colonies that will leave and reproduce

Eating:The volvox eats by using photosynthesis

Volvox close up - Flagella movement
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This is the ameba

Reproduction:it has asexual reproduction and sexuaul.

eating:it eats by wrapping chloroplast around a paramecium and that is how they eat

moving:they move by changing there chloroplast and swishing around

reproducing:They reproduce by using asexually