Stop Animal Abuse In Zoo's

By Nick Kader

TOP 3 WORST ZOO'S; #1: The Giza Zoo in Egypt.

The Giza Zoo in Cairo seems to have fallen upon a giant amount of bad luck. In 2004, the zoo was expelled from the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums for many reasons, including substandard results during an inspection and the inhumane killing of two gorillas thought to be infected with the Ebola virus. Then, in 2006, its birds began to die from Avian Flu and in 2008 two men broke into the zoo and killed two camels.

The Truth Behind Zoos.

Many people don't know the truth about zoos, but the animals are miserable. They show signs of substance abuse, and stress. They can't stand those fake environments, and have people gawk at them, when they could be out in the wild, living like animals, instead of exhibits.

Here are some of the WORST zoos in the world.

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#2 Glkand zoo in Iraqi Kurdistan

Not only does the Glkand Zoo in Iraq have the usual zoo problems of too-small living spaces and general cruelty towards animals, it also seems to be a location of illegal animal smuggling. An increasing trend among the Iraqi wealthy is to acquire a private zoo with the most exotic animals possible, and the Glkand Zoo is a trading point for some of these exchanges.
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#3 Mumbai zoo in India

The only zoo in Mumbai is taking an interesting approach to keeping diversity among its animals. Unable to replace animals as they die because the existing enclosures don't conform to anti-cruelty guidelines, the zoo has decided to stuff the animals and put them up on display in a taxidermy museum instead.
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