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Locomotions Loco Life!

11 years ago a brave boy was born. This boys name was LocoMotion. Today we are lucky enough to get to interview him. He's had such a rough life but he always finds ways to stay so positive through all these awful moments. Lets just jump right into it!

where did you get the nickname LocoMotion? "My real name is Lonnie Collins Motion if you shorten the first and middle name it changes it to Loco and of course my last name is motion, mama and papa's favorite song was called the locomotion so they called me LocoMotion." That's great! Do you like this nick name? "i love it, i'm blessed to have it every day it reminds me of mama, papa, and even lilli! Lonnie told us starting to smile.

You've mentioned your parents a lot, how do you feel about them passing? "Like anyone, i was very sad. But my little sister lilli has brought god into my life so now I know that God gained an angel is is taking great care of them. I know they're still watching over me." That's outstanding! You couldn't have said it any better! Now, you do not have to answer this question if it's to much for you to hand- "You want to know how my parents died" Well, ye- "it was a fire in the apartment, it started in the basement and made its way up to their room" we looked at him in a sympathetic way. He shrugged at said, "They just died... That's all." It got quiet.

What's the bravest thing you've ever done? "Everything i've done for the past seven years is brave.. living without your parents is brave. Being an eleven year old boy knowing you aren't going to be adopted because nobody wants a teenage boy, living without your parents, and going to lillis new mama's house even though i know that she doesn't like me." You are a brave little boy and i'm so glad I got to interview you today! Thank you for sharing your story and your time!

Flipped Book Review!

4.5/5 star rating!

I recommend reading the book Flipped. The book is great from grades 4th and up! I honestly think this is a great novel that anyone (girl or boy) would love to read! This is a great thrilling love story about a girl that falls in love with a boy but the boy finds no interest in her but suddenly things get "flipped"

not only is Flipped a great love story, its also a great thrilling and exciting book that reals you in and makes you want to read more and more! I also really like how it's full of suspense and makes you wonder what's going to happen next!

I personally loved how Wendelin Van Draaen talked about his characters in both of their point of views to show how they both feel during certain moments because the characters do not think the same!

i definitely recommend this amazing novel that keeps you on your toes!