digital citinzenship

Choosing a computer

you have to be careful when you choose a computer. You have to find a computer that fits your needs. You have to buy a soft ware that you will use recently and that would be helpful. Information is not saved on your home computer it is saved somewhere else.

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wireless communication

You have to be careful about what you post because it can be shared then go viral. Depending on where you are you may or may not have coverage for your phone. You especially can't text and drive because you could get stopped by a police officer. People with hand held devices are 4 time more likely to get in a car crash than people not using there phones.
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Digital relationships and respect

You shouldn't be posting something rude that potentially can hurt someones feelings. The person that is being bullied can talk to a trusted adult to resolve the problem.The victim that is being bullied can often take high risks and and commit suicide. Cyber bullying is a huge problem and is often you friend or someone you know bullying you.

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creating multimedia projects

Did you know there are laws for doing a crime on you computer. One of the major computer laws are copyright. You cant copyright music,movies, videos and more.Almost anything can be copyrighted. if your writing a project and you use a line from a website you must insert the persons name and the website you found it from so that it wouldn't be considered copyright.If you design your own stuff you can use it because it is yours.
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internet resources and credibility

You have to make sure you use the internet responsibly. If you are doing a project you have to make sure that the information your writing is in your own words. You have to include the website you went to as well. You have to know the website your using is credible.

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the viral world

If you have social media apps you should never put personal information on there because you can get hacked and it can also lead to identity theft. You check your privacy settings too.If you post something rude or embarrassing it can go viral quickly. People can hack you and then pretend to be you on social media. Then they can have access to your immediate information.

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