Christmas Around the World

A comparison between Sweden and Netherlands

Important Dates

Sweden- December 13th through January 13th are important dates for Sweden

Netherlands- December 5th is an important date for Netherlands

Night Before Christmas

Sweden- The night before Christmas a gnome named Tomte emerges from his home under the floor of the house, and carries a sack over his shoulder and leaves gifts for all.

Netherlands- The night before Christmas People have a big feast, and fill their shoes with hay and sugar for Sinter Klass' (Netherlands gift bearer) horses.

Flags of Sweden and Netherlands

Gift Bearer

Sweden- Tomte a little gnome is Sweden's gift bearer.

Netherlands- Sinterklass is Netherland's gift bearer.

Day of

Sweden- Sweden celebrates Christmas December 13th through January 13th.

Netherlands- Netherlands celebrates Christmas on the day of December 5th.


Sweden- Sweden has Turkey with buns and coffee.

Netherlands- Netherlands has North Sean shrimps; smoked fish, salmon, and eel. They also usually have Stews and meats; turkey and ham.

Other Traditions

Sweden- On a special feast day the eldest girl in each family dresses in a white dress, with a red sash, and wears an evergreen wreath with seven lighted candles on her head. She then carries coffee and buns to each member in his or her bedroom.

Netherlands- On December 4th (the night before their Christmas) children fill their shoes with hay and sugar for Sinterklass' horses, and wake up to find nuts and candies in place.