Raymond's Run

By: Toni Banbara Created By:Jena Arnett

Plot and Theme

In the story, there is a girl named Hazel. Her real name is Toni Banbara. In this story there are lots of challenges and problems. That she has to be the best all the time and that she just focuses just on her self not her brother/family.

Raymond's run

She is walking down the street with her brother practicing her breathing exercises, in and out of 7.She runs into Gretchen and They both talk back and forth bad about each other. Finally they both walk away. There at the race course and Hazel puts Raymond in a swing set and runs off to the starting line. The starter says take your mark get set go and there off she sees no one in front of her so she is obviously going to win


Running freely and feels like shes flying


When they were announcing there was silence and they were arguing back and forth. After thaty when she saw Raynond run and jump the fence and start to go to the announcers, she realized he would make a good athlete and right then she actually dindnt care if she won she had a family and an awesome brother


Finally Gretchen and Hazel had respect for each other and in the future might be friends.