Become resilient at work & in life

Resilience - how to thrive in times of challenge & change

A two day, competency based emotional intelligence workshop

Time is in short supply and business is introducing more and more changes into people's working lives; how they are expected to conduct themselves is in flux and many are not sure of what those expectations are. This leads to self-doubt and impacts on individuals confidence which results in people not having the time to connect powerfully with others, leading to decreasing productivity, a lack of personal and team resilience and an increase in conflict.

EQ or emotional intelligence enables people to become resilient in their outlook, thoughts, actions and intent. Resilient people are:

  • Able to spring back in the face of adversity;
  • Have the capacity to recover quickly;
  • Have the ability to withstand pressure and even catastrophe;
  • Are able to respond, react and recover from life's events;

in ways that are positive, focused on win / win outcomes and on repairing and building robust, sustainable relationships with those around them.

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Who should attend?

  • Executives;
  • Managers
  • Shop Stewards
  • Teams in conflict
  • Colleagues in conflict
  • People you value who need to view their work differently - demotivated, actively disengaged, cynical, been-there-done-that!
  • The 'Problem causer'
  • The 'Appeaser'
  • The 'Avoider'
  • People who have heard about EQ or emotional intelligence and wonder whether it is relevant for their business
  • Anyone who is 'stressed out'

Come to our workshop!

R4550.00 per person exclusive of VAT

Includes: two day workshop, online SEI profile, personalised report and group debrief, two x one hour one-on-one post workshop SKYPE sessions, venue, tea's, coffee's and lunch;

Anchors Boutique Lodge - Amanzimtoti
9 Reservoir Rise
Athlone Park
+27 31 904 3533

Contact and booking details

Contact Keith Cunningham for bookings or more details

Your EQuip facilitator - Keith Cunningham

I spent all of my corporate career in heavy industry – the gold and diamond mines,Richards Bay Coal Terminal and SAB. All of them provided me with work, functional growth and a good living. In none of them was I able to thrive sustainably. This say’s less about these companies than it does about me, or rather the person I was.

In 2000 I decided I’d had enough of Bosses, went travelling around the world with my wife and partner Liz and began my journey of discovery using Emotional Intelligence.

What I have found is that without self-awareness (Know what is), self-control (Choose what is) and a powerful reason why (Purpose), choice is difficult and change is more so. This is particularly true in today's business world, where people are expected to do much more with much less.

Many of our issues lie with how we perceive the world and our place in it, and much of that perception lies in our sub-conscious. If we can make the sub-conscious conscious, even if only initially in certain situations, we can change our character, and more importantly, others will see us doing so and the road to trust opens. Ultimately it is trusting oneself to respond appropriately in the (pressurised) moment that builds true resilience.

Comments from delegates about Keith

Excellent course, excellent facilitation skills. You put everyone at ease to talk

Great facilitator, very knowledgeable, able to learn peoples behavior and to give

constructive feedback:

  • Holds peoples self-esteem;
  • Able to handle difficult delegates;
  • Makes you feel that he’s known you before (able to build rapport with you);
  • I wish Keith good luck in his amazing work and hope he will continue this great work that he is doing.

Given me the strength to move on to my Vision, Purpose and Values and coming out of the survival and coping mode. I wish you well in your workshops and continue to move on to your new venture;

Thank you for your honesty and openness. Sincerely enjoyed this course.

Excellent, informative, life-changing and very well conducted and implemented.

I learnt a lot - thank you for creating the awareness to the elements of us as individuals that we need to know about ourselves in order to align our own thoughts.