Timeline of the Camera

By Isaac Brockley

1503-1506 Mona Lisa

Before the camera, people had to sit or stand in the same position for hours upon hours for a picture that was painted by a artist.


Johann Heinrich Schulze makes fleeting sun prints of words by using stencils sunlight, and a bottled mixture of chalk and silver nitrate in nitric acid, simply as an interesting way to demonstrate that the substance inside the bottle darkens where it is exposed to light.

1814 December 5th

Joseph Niepce achieves first photographic image with Camera. But the image required eight hours of light exposure and later faded over time


Louis Daguerre's first daguerreotype. the first image that was fixed and did not fade and needed under thirty minutes of light exposure.


The first color photo was taken by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell. He dose this by blending black and white images through red green and blue filters.


The first electronic flash was planted onto cameras. This allowed people to to be able to take pictures in the dark.

1975 December 7th

Steve Sasson built the first digital camera at Eastman Kodak. The camera was not very practical. The camera recorded black and white images to a cassette tape,

2011 December 7th

Kodaks Waterproof camera capable of snapping pictures underwater.

The Cameras Importance

The camera is one of the best forms of art, capable of capturing any moment of time without having to paint or draw it. Cameras allow video to be taken and that is how we get movies that everyone loves to see. Cameras nowadays are a big role in everyday life for humans, weather it's snapchat where you take pictures to send to people or Facebook and Instagram etc.


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