Jennifer Fernandez

"Well the inspration that Rudy Ruettiger made to me was that to never never ever give up to always follow your dreams.You must be wondoring why was he an inspation to me. He was an inspration to me because he followed his dreams.He started his dream when he was 11 years old untill he got there yes he did fell like quitting half way.So did I but we.I still have a dream of being a doctor. So the inspration he gave me was to never let go of your dreams.When you start someting finish it."

How is Rudy Ruettiger

By: Jennifer Fernandez

Rudy Ruettiger Is a man how wanted to go to South Bend also known as Norte Dame.To play football for the Irish the most famous football team for the back then. He couldn't enter because of his grades and his parents being pessimist.He worked four years making coal.When his best friend died making coal he chose to leave his girlfriend and everything else to go to Norte Dame University.He did not enter right away he first went to some small collage at Norte Dame, one trimester or maybe two.He went to Norte Dame University he wouldn't be there is his firend would'nt help him.He coulden't play in a game when he was there because he did not have the right skills.Untill he told the coach what it meant to him if he entered the Norte Dame football. So the coach told his "only one game". so he atleast got to play a little bit of the game.