Ridgeview Middle School's Newsletter (Issue: 11.15.21)

The Principal's Post

Welcome to Ridgeview Middle School's "THE VIEW" Newsletter!

This newsletter is designed to encourage relationships and create engagement between the parents/guardians and the RMS staff. Each newsletter will be full of valuable information about activities, events, and opportunities impacting your child/children.

Also, I want to take the opportunity to introduce Ridgeview’s family ambassador, Debora Myles. Periodically, she’ll be reaching out to take a few minutes to check and connect with you. She serves as another resource for you to provide feedback or let us know how we can assist your family. By sharing information with her, she will ensure our counselor, social worker, teacher(s), or community partners follow up with you.

Lastly, I encourage you to read the entire issue and especially note the information listed in the Calendar of Events.

Thank you for your continued support, because together we are committed to excellence.


Principal Natalie M. James

Academics - Mathematics

RMS is participating in a school-wide math competition by grade level during the 2021-2022 school year. ALEKS is designed for students who need additional practice in math. There are 10 topics per week. Students participating are expected to spend a minimum of two hours a week in order to experience the biggest gains.

All you have to do to get your student

involved is log in to ALEKS via Clever. It's that easy!

This competition is modeled after the Olympics--gold, silver, and bronze.

Here's the various levels.

LEVEL 1: A basketball hoop will be used to measure progress. The ball will be moved up weekly on the number line indicating how many topics each grade level has completed. The winning grade level will earn a reward.

LEVEL 2: Students completing the most topics per month by math teacher will be showcased on a board in the main hallway. They will be our ALEKS Gold Medalist Mathematicians. Students will earn a prize and will be acknowledged over the announcements by administration.

LEVEL 3: The classroom initiative will be to acknowledge students during class that have completed all 10 topics that week. Student names will be entered into a school drawing. The names will be drawn by administration and will be announced the following week.

This competition began October 11th, and will last all school year long.

Calendar of Events

Important dates in November are listed below.

16th from 3:00 – 6:30 PM: Parent Virtual Conference on Zoom

18th from 6:00 – 7:00 PM: RMS Parent University Night

TOPIC: Navigating Discussions on Social Justice with Your Child

Click Here to Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 835 6156 772

Passcode: 555978

22-26: Wellness Week at Columbus City Schools

22-23: Asynchronous Learning Days

(All schools closed and teachers assign independent work.)

24-26: Thanksgiving Break

(All schools closed.)

Want to be more informed? All You Have to Do is Click on the Pictures Below

Extracurricular Activities: Co-Ed Soccer

On November 8th, the Ridgeview Middle School Raiders Soccer Team took on rival Dominion Middle School in the Columbus City Schools Soccer Championship. Both teams played so hard; it was an amazing game. At the final whistle, Ridgeview prevailed with a 3-1 victory! The team wants to thank all of the fans that came out to cheer. It was a night to remember. Coach Sztul and Coach O'Brien are so proud of our student athletes. Go Raiders!

Students Leading the Way in Excellence

16 RMS students received the honor of Raider of the Month in September 2021. Listed below are some of the inspirational quotes associated with these students. Help us celebrate excellence!

6th GRADE: 5 Students

He consistently makes good choices in the classroom. Definitely an up and coming leader!

She is a phenomenal student! She exemplifies what it means to be RMS and is very attentive! Thanks for being a fabulous student!

He is incredibly hard working and helpful to all! Thank you for being RMS!

He is a fabulous 6th grade student. He actively participates in class and does a great job getting his assignments completed. Thank you Nathan for being so fabulous.

She is an awesome student. She is an active participant in all of her classes. Her work is neat and she does a great job helping others. She is a 6th grade role model and a pleasure to have in class.

7th GRADE: 6 Students

She is a model student.

She is a responsible student that is a positive influence in the classroom.

He is a responsible student that is a positive influence in the classroom.

She is new to Ridgeview and acts as she has been here for years. She is kind, out-going and participates nonstop. We are so proud of her. Thank you for being RMS!!

He is an incredible young man!! He works so hard and always gives his best. We are so glad that he is with us at Ridgeview! Thank you for being RMS!

He is kind to his classmates and polite to teachers.

8th GRADE: 5 Students

She regularly participates in class and helps others.

She has been doing awesome this year! Her teachers are very impressed with her!

She completes all work at a high level, pays attention in class.

He is always pleasant and kind. Completes all assignments and participates in class.

He has been doing awesome this year! His teachers are very impressed with him!