BYOD Simple Learning Activity

QR Codes: Simple and Effective!

What are QR Codes?

QR (Quick Response) codes can be utilized in tone of ways to allow for technology to be simply and effectively to link students to resources they might need to complete assignments. A QR code is kind of like a bar code that can be scanned using a compatible app and a camera on an iPad or phone to link a students to further instructions, videos, powerpoint, or any number of possibilities a teacher can imagine. The best thing is, nearly any age student, as long as they have a devices with a QR app can easily use QR codes. These Codes can be used to help students in a number of ways, lets look at a few.

QR Code Lesson Plan Ideas


There are a number of reasons for integrating QR codes into your classroom:

*QR codes can be used for multiple different learning applications

*QR codes are easy to use for nearly all age groups

*Extend the learning process beyond just a pice of paper

*No more long web addresses!

*Add new element to your students learning!