online safety

how to stay secure online

How create a strong password?

Firstly to make a strong passwork you have to creat a long password which is easy to remember it also has to have upper and lower case letters in and as well as number too but most of all dont forget never tell anyone your password! a good thing to to make it so i hassent got anything personl to you in it or anything significant to you!Another good tip is never write your password down :)
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Anti-virus softwear

Have you really got a vitus or are they just trying to get youre details? dont ever let them take over your computer or bank acount! most of them ask for youre bank account details this is beacuse they are trying to get your bank details off you so they can scam you to check if you actually have a virus check you anti-virus software befor you sign up to the wedsite and also check if the website in whitch you are getting it off is safe!
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SNS-Social networking sites

Do you know who you are talking to ? Have you ever met them are ther really who they say they are? well if you cant answear any of these question then why are they youre friend on facebook or following you on twitter? If you dont kniw them then dont let them know you most people who you talk to online are alot older than what you think and most of the time they are just trying to get your details off you!
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Internet banking

Are you on a safe wedsite? dose it have a http(s)in the wed address? well if not why are you buying off here then ? the s stands for safety and if the website your on dosent have it then it isent safe for you to be buying off!
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