eyonna roberson


  1. China's continent is Asia.
  2. Pacific ocean is the closest
  3. North korea, Russia,and Afghanastan
  4. Beijng is china's capital and is a major city
  5. China is 3.705 miollion square miles
  6. Himalayan-Tibeten is a famous chinese landform
  7. coal is china's natural resorce


  1. china's major industries is minning
  2. china trade imports are merchandise
  3. Renminbi is China's currency


  1. china is communist
  2. Xi Jinping is their president
  3. 2.3 million soldiers; china has High Speed Rail type of technology
  4. chinas allies are japan and germany; their eniemies are U.S.A, Britain, and Italy


  1. Mao Zedong, becomes head of the Communist Party, 1949
  2. Millions of people die of starvation from Mao's farming failure
  3. 1972 china meets with american president for the 1st time

social structure

  1. CLASS SYSTEM communist and rich people,sweatshop workers
  2. china believe in mostly christianity and islam
  3. china has 55 diffrent ethnicity groups
  4. 83.5 years ife expectency
  5. chinese people speak chinese
  6. 9.39 million people graduate in the last year