By: Angelo Perez.


An allegory is a story in which characters or events are symbols for ideas about human life or for a political reason and events.

Examples of Allegory

The Appointment in Samarra, A Hunger Artist, and Unicorn in the Garden.

These 3 stories are all great examples of allegories. The first story is about a servant meeting death and tring to flee from him;this story is an allegory because what it actually means is that you can never escape death. The second story is about an professional fastest opening a fasting exhibit, everyone is excited at first, but then lose their interest; this story is an allegory because it is actually talking about a artist who is not appreciated by the public. The third story is about a man seeing a unicorn in his garden, he runs to tell his wife, but she dismisses it; this story is an allegory because it is actually about how people can get fantasy confused with reality.