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Welcome to the new and improved online newsletter connecting your local Child Care Resource and Referrals Agency to you! Please scroll down for helpful information that you can use in your childcare establishments.

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Stars to Quality Video

The Stars to Quality program has has made a new video letting people know about the Stars program. It is intended to educate families on the benefits of a STARS to Quality program. Here is the link for you so you can put it on your websites or email it to parents.

Online Registration for Classes

Hello providers! We are excited to inform you that ALL of our trainings are now available for online registration! When you register online your class facilitator will be able to email you prior to the class, plan appropriately for the class size, and enter your class into the system quicker when the class is completed! We, at The Nurturing Center, want to best serve you in our adult learning classes, please help us be able to do that by registering online at least 24 hours prior to the class. Classes are available for you to register at Please contact us with any questions on how to register online! We would love to walk you through it.

Cindy, Raelynn, April, or Jennifer at The Nurturing Center @ 406-756-1414 or


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Upcoming Nurturing Center Trainings

January 10th 9-11am and 2-5pm: Program Management and Early Childhood Essentials 1 and 2~Carriage House

January 11th 6-8pm: Best Beginnings~Carriage House

January 22nd 6-9pm: Visual Schedules and Transitions~Salish Kootenai College

January 23rd 1-3pm: PAS Training~Carriage House

January 23rd 6-8pm: BAS Training~Carraige House

January 24th 6-8: ERS Training~Carraige House

January 25th 6-8: ERS Training~Carriage House

Looking Ahead~February

February 5th 6-9pm: Pyramid Module 1 Night 1~Polson

February 7th 9-11am and 2-5pm: Program Management and Early Childhood Essentials 1 and 2~Carriage House

February 12th 6-9pm Pyramid Module 1 Night 2~Polson

February 26th 6-9pm: Making Outdoor Play More Engaging~FVCC ECC

Looking Ahead~March

March 1st 6-8pm: Early Literacy and Brain Development~Carriage House

March 5th 6-9pm: Pyramid Module 1 Night 1~FVCC ECC

March 7th 9-11am and 2-5pm: Program Management and Early Childhood Essentials 1 and 2~Carriage House

March 12th 6-9pm: Pyramid Module 1 Night 2~FVCC ECC

March 20th 6-9pm: Everyday Sensory Play~Carriage House

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CACFP "Best Practices" tip

Though not required these USDA approved and encouraged tips offer you, as a CACFP participating childcare professional, the chance to improve or build upon the exemplary levels of care you already provide!

Provide at least one serving each of dark green vegetables, red and orange vegetables, beans and peas (legumes), starchy vegetables, and other vegetables once per week.

This means, try to rotate your vegetable servings if possible to make sure you’re serving a different type of vegetable each day so that the children in your care are exposed to the full range of vegetable types and thereby get the nutritional benefit of each!

CACFP Trainings

Each of the following training's will have two hours of Program management with "Records Organization - How to De-Stress those Surprise Visits" and two hours of Nutritional Education with "Streamlining Your Meals and Menus".

January 20- Kalispell, Carriage House 10am-2pm

February 3 - Kalispell, Carriage House 10am - 2pm

March 3 - Kalispell, Carriage House 10am - 2pm

Please register for these classes on MTECP.

Information For Your Parents

This is a fun little app that parents can download on their phones to check on their child's growth and development. There are questions to answer and then tips and activities to try to help children reach important milestones.

Friendly Reminder from Best Beginnings


If your facility plans on changing daily and/ or hourly rates, please remember to contact Danyal at The Nurturing Center. All rate changes will take effect the following month, which means you need to get your Rate Change Form into our office 3 business days before the end of the month.

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