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Bala Sundaram 531995 Math Mr.Thain 2014/12/19

Statement of situation

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We have just announced our newly updated membership prices and for a limited time only, after you received your membership you will be given an exclusive tidal towel and tidal headphones, compliments of Dr. Dre. Also the competition is tougher because we just opened in front of another fitness club called dynasty, profits need to increase in our side if we want to beat the other club.

Identification and classification of variables

# days is equivalent to x and the total Cost is equivalent y. The # days, is for how much is the total cost regarding the number of days. The total cost is when the days and the start-up are totaled up. In this context, ( C=3d+35), C would be total cost, 3d would be the variable being multiplied by the slope( constant) and 35 would be the permanent start-up.
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dynasty fitness club

Dynasty's start-up grant is $40 and their charging $2 per visit

tidal fitness club

Tidal's start-up grant is $35 and their charging $3 per visit


The form which is used in this table is in y intercept form. The format is that to find the total cost you multiply the rate of change (m) by the number of days (x or d) and add it with the start-up grant (b).
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Explain of the significance

Tidal has a less start-up amount than Dynasty but it has a higher rate of change (slope).

It would beneficial to choose Dynasty even thought it has a higher start-up grant it is very cheaper for a lot of days rather than the Tidal with a less start up grant but a higher cost per day. Both clubs meet at the point (5,50) before they meet Dynasty was higher than Tidal due to start-up but after the POI, they switched paths, Dynasty is now cheaper per day and Tidal is more expensive per day. At the POI (5,50), both the clubs gain the same amount of money for the same amount of days.

Manually finding POI


C=2d+40 & C=3d+35







All in all, both Tidal and Dynasty will receive $50 profit for 5 days. ((5,50))

Also Tidal will lose more customers compared to Dynasty, if they pass 5 days,

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