Tiger Triumphs

Mariposa Elementary School



Quote of the Week

Great educators are magicians, helping their students see the magic in themselves!
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Honoring Our Parent Volunteers

Last week we celebrated our parent volunteers! Thank you to Diana Pichardo for sending out the invitations, coordinating the event, setting up the event and making it a great afternoon for all who attended! We had over 20 parents come to celebrate the wonderful impact they make on our teachers, students and school! They do so much to lighten the heavy burden that our teachers carry! I also wanted to thank the teachers that came and shared with our parents how much they appreciate their support! It was so great to hear the stories about how they have made such a difference for our staff! Thank you parent volunteers!

Salsa Competition Huge Success!

Thanks to all who participated in our 1st ever Salsa Completion! The lounge was filled with the essence of spices and chiles! Our staff enjoyed taste testing the many great salsas! After all of the votes were cast and counted, we congratulate Ida Rubio as our first ever Salsa Champion! Thanks to the social committee for organizing this fun event!
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Thank You Teachers for Making a Difference!

Teachers Make a Difference

"Finish the year with as much excitement as you started, your students will remember it!" -Vr00M6

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Wishing you another fantastic week!

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