Yeo Teng Chew

My Grandpa :)

Early Life

My Grandpa, Yeo Teng Chew, was an auditor assistant and a Plantation owner. He was born on December 21st, 1936 in a small village in Malaysia. According to him, life was so much easier back then during his childhood, as they didn't have school and could play around the village everyday. In 1942, his mother died two days before the Japanese Invasion of Malaya and the Japanese occupation. During the Japanese Occupation, his family and him had to hide every time the Japaneses' Truck went by their house. When he was 10, he finally learned his ABCs. When he was fourteen, his father died and his half-brother took care of his siblings and him. His half-brother took care of the plantation and made sure my grandpa got his education and even managed to send my grandpa to Australia to study.

Later Life

After studying, he moved to Singapore and met my grandma in 1969. He had two children, Yang Pinn and Yang Minn.He went on to work as a farmer at his family's plantation in Malaysia. After a while, he sold the plantation to spend more time with his children as they were growing up in Singapore. He retired in the 1980s and spent his time looking after his Grandchildren. Around 2010, he started working at the Airport as a walking information counter. he quit after a few years and went to work as a library assistant instead.

My grandpa is a very friendly and nice man. He has a lot of friends whom he chats and drinks coffee with. As a huge soccer fan, he would forego sleep or travel long distances just to watch the world cup or soccer matches on the television. he is a very considerate and likable man. I'm proud to be his granddaughter. <3