He was born on 1767 His Brother and him were captured by the British as kids. They were released later because of their mother. But while there they got smallpox. His brother died because of it and later his mother died. His father also died earlier in his life so he was an orphan. Because of this He was a troubled child. He drank alcohol and used tobacco and gambled.


As he grew up he became a lawyer. Then that led to politics. He was not known though until the Battle Of New Orleans where he became known as a national hero. He then ran for Presidency but lost. But his supporters didn't give up and they made slogans and campaigned for him and he became president after all the hard-work.

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President Jackson's Policies

President Jackson Policies included that he was a Democratic and he wanted to Promote Democracy. He believed that the people should rule and that he needed to focus on helping the common people rather then the rich and wealthy people. He also did not listen to his cabinet, he used the help of friends and political supporters. Also he used something called the spoils system which is where people who politically supported him were rewarded with jobs in the government. He also hated Indians and wanted all of them to be moved from there home to so other land so he could have more land
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I Believe Andrew Jackson was a Villian

I think he was a villain because he hated Indians. He made them go on a cruel trip where over 4000 Indians died. He did this after being told that the Indians had the right to keep their land by the Supreme Court. I also believe that the spoils system is unfair because it doesn't guarantee the person is the best that fits the job. Also he got rid of the U.S. National Bank when the Supreme Court said it was constitutional and it wasn't necessary to get rid of.
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I don't think that Andrew Jackson promoted democracy. I think this because he always made the decisions. When democracy means to give power to the people. For example when he removed the Indians from their homeland. The people and the Supreme Court told him not to and disagreed with his decision but he continued to go through with the plan anyways. Also he got rid of the U.S. National bank when people said it was constitutional. But he disagreed and got rid of it anyways.
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