She’s the Man of the Twelfth Night

Brittany Jurode, English IV, Mrs. Partin, 12 December 2014

Similarities and Difference

She's the Man:
  • Toby was the guy with dreads; Duke's friend.
  • The movie was just about the passion of soccer
  • Viola becomes her brother because the soccer team got cut
  • Viola's ex-boyfriend shows up in the movie
  • Malvolio is the spider

The Twelfth Night:

  • Sir Toby is Olivia's uncle
  • Based on True love
  • Viola changes her name to Cesario
  • Vesti is Malcom in "She's the Man"
  • Malvolio is a servant , not the spider.


  • Viola pretends to be a male.
  • Viola is still trying to get Olivia to talk to Duke
  • Love Triangle!!
  • Same characters
  • Sebastian and Ozario both randomly appears in the play and film.

Comedy Ladder:

Low Comedy:
  • In “She’s the Man”, Viola and Sebastian flashes the entire school soccer game their true gender. This shows low comedy because they really didn't have to show their genitals and their upper half to the whole school; it was unnecessary.
  • Another example of low comedy is in Shakespeare play, “The Twelfth Night”, Malvolio dresses in yellow cross-garnered stocking to impress Olivia, “Remember who commended thy yellow stockings and wish to see thee ever cross-garnered”(2,5,144). People with too much yellow bile were thought to have personalities like Malvolio’s.


  • Viola in "She's the Man" try to prove to the soccer team that girls could play soccer by dressing up as her brother Sebastian while he's in London.
  • Also in "The Twelfth Night", Viola's masculine alter ego was Cesario; "We men may say more, swear more: but indeed Our shows are more than will; for still we prove much in our vows, but little more love"(2.4.18)

Comedy of Manners:

  • In "Shes the Man", Viola acted like she was a player when Duke and his friends was acting like they really didn't like Viola (Sebastian). Random girls came up to her acting like they was in love with her/her.
  • The "Twelfth Night", Viola has acted like a whole different person; she says "There is a fair behavior in thee, captain; And though that nature with a beauteous wall Doth oft close in pollution, yet of thee I will believe thou hast a mind that suits With this thy fair and outward character"(1.2.10).

Comedy of Ideas:

  • Duke in "She's the Man" gets into a fight with Justin (the goalie) because they got into a fight at the kissing booth but they never finished, so they decided to finish the battle on the soccer field.
  • Sir Andrew in "the Twelfth Night" challenges Cesario to a duel; "-I'ld have challenged him. Let him let the matter slip, and I'll give him my horse, grey Capilet"(3.3)