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Here at Attire by Tess we strive to provide the most luxurious and ornate ballroom gowns in the state. Our cloth is shipped in from all over the world to give you the unique dress that you deserve. We have gowns of all shapes, color, and size, and we have assistants around the clock ready to assist you in finding your perfect dress. Come by and visit one of our stores to find your match.

Ball Gowns for All Occasions

What Kind of Business Are We?

Our company is a partnership. This means that our business is owned by a select few who dedicate their time and energy into our business. We chose this route for the betterment of our business and for the satisfaction of our customers. There are many advantages to being a partnership:

1. We can raise money easily and efficiently by adding partners. This means that we can raise more money to fit your needs. Better customer service? We'll do it. More options? We'll provide it. By having a partnership we can give you the best business out there.

2. Like proprietors, partners pay no income tax. This makes it so we can spend more of our income on your wants and needs.

3. By having partners, we have a large range of talents brought into our workspace. We strive to have partners of all backgrounds to help our company be the best it can be.

4. Partners have unlimited liability. This means that each partner is fully responsible for all business debts.

We chose to have a partnership for your benefit. We didn't want to be an impersonal corporation who doesn't focus on the individuals, or a sole proprietorship where financial funds are hard to come by. By being a partnership, we are fully equipped to provide for you.

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Overcoming the Challenges

By being a partnership, we believe we have made the best decision for our company, but there disadvantages to any choice. Some disadvantages of being a partnership include the following:

1. Business partners can be liable for the actions of their other business partner.

2. Profits are shared.

3. Since decisions are made together, disagreements may occur.

4. Problems can occur if someone wishes to leave the business.

Even though these disadvantages do exist, we plan on overcoming them and even to prosper. We will look at these disadvantages one by one and explain to you how we plan on dealing with them.

1. SOLUTION - Even though business partners are liable for the actions of other business partners, our partners were hand-picked from the best. Our company spent weeks and weeks interviewing and doing background checks on our business partners to make sure that they had all of the traits of a trustworthy partner. While not everybody is perfect, our hand-picked partners are both loyal and dedicated to our company.

2. SOLUTION - At Attire by Tess our end goal is not about profit gained; our end goal is the satisfaction of our customers. All of our partners strive to offer the best business they can, no matter the costs. The entirety of our partners share the love and passion for fashion, and sharing profits doesn't even begin to strike them as a problem that would stop them from being invested in this company.

3. SOLUTION - As we mentioned above, our partners were carefully picked to make sure that we hired the best of the best. Here at Attire by Tess we look at disagreements as a way to improve upon ideas. We use the fact that we have to work together as an opportunity to meld ideas, and make our products the best that they can be.

4. SOLUTION - Throughout our years in this business, few people have actually wished to leave. Our work environment is clean, friendly, and supportive. Staff are dedicated, amiable, and kind. Although people might have to leave the business for reasons outside of our control, we try to make our company so that nobody will ever want to leave!

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Giving a Voice to Our Employees - Our Labor Union

Here at Attire by Tess we take our employees satisfaction very seriously. We want our company to be like a family rather than a group of strangers. We work very hard to make sure that our employees have a multitude of opportunities to voice their opinions, thoughts, and concerns. We want to make sure that all of our employees feel comfortable in our workspace and have a quality-working environment. One of the ways we do this is by implementing a labor union. Our labor union has worked with our company and employees to make sure we are satisfying their needs. Our company has an open shop. This means that the workers do not have to join the union. We chose an open shop approach because our workers can join if they agree with the union policies, but they do not have to if they do not agree with the policies. We, here at Attire by Tess, believe that by allowing an open shop labor union, that we have created a better environment for our workers where they feel assured that their voices are being heard.

Giving Back to Our Community

Here at Attire by Tess, one of our core values is giving back to our community. Our business understands how important it is to "go green," and we have implemented many standards here at our workplace. Everyday we are doing many things that will help us fight the issue of pollution, and being wasteful. All over the shop we have recycling bins for paper and recyclable bottles. We encourage all of our staff members to recycle everything that they can. We have also replaced all of our lightbulbs in the shop to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Our business has also cut down drastically on our production of paper: we don't have any paper advertising - all of it is online, we don't have any catalogs we send out to houses - we only have online catalogs, we give out bags that are made from 100% recycled paper, and when we ship, we only use recycled materials. All of these things, and so much more make our company one of the "greenest" in the state. We work hard everyday to keep our world clean and to give back to our community.

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