jp loyalty cards

Many of you have been asking me about my Business Cards. I use it as a customer loyalty program as well.

These business cards cost me: 250 Business Cards for $30.00 or 500 Business Cards for $40.00.

You can order these business cards by emailing Ben Moss at with the information you would like to include. He will email you a proof before you order online with him at Please let him know Jennifer Pasalakis referred you. He will enusre that you get the right pink for Thirty-One and make sure to include Independent before you title as I have specified! These cards have been approved by Scott Monroe at Thirty-One and follow our Policies and Procedures.

As you know Thirty-One has three types of business card designs on our Business Supply Guide as well.

I am just sharing with you what I do and what I use. If you have questions about this particular card you can ask me or email Ben Moss.