Mid-term Recovery Week 水曜日

すいようび - Review & Attend Coaching Sessions!

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Do you need help with your project?

You can e-mail and text me any time with your questions!

On Wednesdays, my office hours are from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM! During office hours, you can find me on Blackboard Instant Messenger!

This week, I'll be online beyond my regularly scheduled office hours in case you need help with your project!

Submit all of your late & missing work in from lessons 1 through 8!

After Friday, lessons 1 through 8 will be closed, and you won't be able to submit work from these lessons!

In the "Your Grades" section check the "1st 9 Weeks Average" This is what will be sent in to your school for your 3rd quarter report card grades!

Shoutouts To YOU from your Coaches!

Wow, I hear so many good things about you all from your coaches! Keep up the awesome work in your coaching sessions!!

From Coach Bynum to Emma: "amazing. she catches her own mistakes"

From Coach Sakievich to Miranda: "super prepared and great comprehension and participation!"

From Coach Oey to Logan: "eagerly participates and understands well"

From Coach Robb to Chris S. "Had great participation and a wonderful attitude"

From Coach Sakievich to Chrisjon: "Super prepared and great comprehension and participation!"

From Coach Bynum to Kaisia: "AMAZING"

Are you missing coaching assignments? This is the last week to do make-ups to count for the 1st 9 weeks grade!!

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Bonus Point Opportunity! Read on in the directions below ↓

...and now, an inspirational Pokémon (^_-)-☆

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