by Ellen Hopkins

Looking for a book?

Are you looking for something to really grab your attention? To pull you into a world of extraordinary things? To make your mind become a creative list of words filling a page over and over. Go to the Treynor Middle School Library and check out the book Crank by Ellen Hopkins. This book brings you into a world of teenage reality on the bad side of addiction. Kristina is a small town teenager addicted to drugs. She hangs out with the wrong people and gets herself into trouble.
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The world you live in..

Is a very confusing world. You will never really know who your friends actually are, and you will never understand everything. Ellen Hopkins took this character and put into a real life situation. This could actually happen to anybody. Kristina gets into trouble with these people she hangs out with and winds up in a deep deep situation. Once she finds out whats happened, she has to tell her parents. They could take that either way. At this point in life you really find out who is there for you and who isn't. Kristina continues to have more bumps in the road.

Book Summary

This book is about a teenager named Kristina. She's is just finding her way around this new world and drugs seem to be showing her paths to take. Now these paths aren't very good choices, but Kristina never cared what the monster did to her. Kristina does some drugs and not so good people. The next week things flip and she realizes one person she did was a mistake. Kristina has to tell her parents but how. She is a teen with some serious secrets, and they are about to come out. Welcome to the real world Kristina, where any choice you make can do harm and good to your life.