Computer Hardware

Will Holman

Hard Disc Drive/ Solid State Drive(SSD)

We all have music, data, documents, pictures and more on our computer. But where does it all go? Hard Drives are where you store all of this they are cheap, extremely useful, but big. Inside a HDD there are many components but the main parts are the disc/plater which holds all the programs and data. There is a moving arm which inputs the picture on the plater. However, if u drop it the arm and disc may break.

However, there is a new thing thats stores videos, pictures and more. It is called a SSD,which stands for Solid State Drive. the difference between a HDD and a SSD it that a SSD is smaller in size but can hold the same amount of infomation. but SSDs are a lot more expensive. they are in iPads Mac books. The mac book air is so thin as it has a SSD. A SSD is also faster.

Optical Drive

A Optical Drive reads whatever is on(players) dics, blu-rays, DVDs and CDs. In a PS3 there is a optical drive, but it is a blu-ray so it can play blu-rays. Normal optical drives cant play blu rays. in addition, there are some optical drives which puts films, data, programs and more stuff on a disc, these are called optical writers.


A monitor is a screen. It shows us what we are doing on the computer. TVs, phones, ipods all have a monitor. To show programs, flims in high quality you need a high quality monitor. 1080p is a tpye of quality of the screen. 1080p means that the screen has 1080 pixels. 1080p is full HD. The more pixels you have the clearer the screen will be. But you can get lower quality pixels: 720p, 240 and more.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is like a brain of a computer, it sends out instructions to the components of the computer. They are measured in giga hertz, a 3 giga hertz CPU could be doing loads of processing and calculations every second.