Picture Project

Ely Soto

This photo is from an average Chinese family. I chose this photo because compared to the one in Texas, it is very different. It has a different amount of people and a completely different environment. The photo from China has two people(A man and a woman.) And two dogs. They live in a tent looking home. They have a tv and many kitchen utensils . They only show a pair of shoes each. They seem to be in the middle of no where and there is dirt all around. They don't have much furniture.
This photo is from a family in Texas,United States. They have a family of four. The family consists of a man and a woman,a boy and a girl, and a dog. They seem to be in the middle of the street. They have a tv and a few beds. They also have two cars and live in a simple one story house. They have many photos. They have a lot of furniture.
I think the biggest differences between these photos are the amount of things they have. The Texas family has a lot more objects than the family from China. Also, the family from China doesn't have children. The size of their house is very different too.

Both photos both have a man and a woman that I'm guessing are married. They both have pets. The Texan Family and the Chinese family both have tv's that they might entertain themselves with.