Mr. Hoo

The Westing Game Ellen Raskin

"Hoo" am I?

My name is James Hoo, I own my own restaurant: James Shin Hoo's Restaurant. I am also an inventor, one of my bast selling inventions was the Westing Paper Innersoles, it may sound weird but it really works here's the link- I am an heir of Sam Westing, he has been murdered and in his will he placed a game, clues of the game for all the heirs and partners for each heir. The clues are connected to the murderer and whoever can name the murderer first wins $10,000.


Key Passages


"Murder? Of course it means murder. Sam Westing was murdered," Mr. Hoo replied. "Either that or he ate once to often in that greasy-spoon coffee shop."

I chose this passage because it shows that Mr. Hoo doesn't like the coffee shop because it is competition for his restaurant. It also shows Mr. Hoo is certain that Sam Westing was murdered at this point.


Hoo bit off half of a chocolate bar. He had enough problems with the empty restaurant, a lazy son, and his nagging ulcer; now he had to put up with bigot.

I chose this passage because it shows that Mr. Hoo thinks his son is lazy because all he wants his son to do is study, but later on he appreciates his sons athletic ability. It also shows Mr. Hoo does not like his partner, but again he later appreciates her company and help, and learns they have a lot in common.

Internel Conflict

Mr. Hoo's internel conflict is that he does not love his wife (Madame hoo), he just uses Madame Hoo for a authentic look and her 100 year old recipe for his restaurant.