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Changing Acids and Bases

Use the best indicator in the world!!

Changes into various colors depending on how basic or acidic your substance is.

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And Last But Not Least, Bleach.

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What you need to know.

if you add an acid to our pH Indicator, it change from grape to a grapefruit color. This is because your pH level is going up causing the molecules to react with the ones in the indicator. The same goes with bases but bases turn into a blueberry color.

Guarenteed to Change the Color of your chemical substance!!

The Sci Guys: Science at Home - SE2 - EP4: Red Cabbage pH Indicator - Acid Base Indicator


Q: What is this indicator made of?

A: The finest water and cabbage leaves out there.

Q: Does it really work?


Q:What colors mean what?

A: Red symbolizes acids and Blue symbolizes bases.

Q: What is pH?

A: A level of how acidic or basic your substance is.


We make you travel all the way to mars to get some Marshan indicator.