Mythical Icecream Land

come enjoy all the candy you can imagine

Sites to see

Mythical Icecream Land has many amazing sites to see like brownie moutain,melted icecream lake, brownie krum ocean,the chocolote skyscrapers and theres many more to see.Any candy you see here you can eat Because it will grow back.Those are only some of the sites you can see.

The awesome places you can stay

Some examples

You can stay in the chocolate sky scrapers. When you stay in the chocolate sky scrapers you can pick the floor you would like. Most places don't let you do that. You also can eat all the candy you want for free.You also can stay in candy houses.You can rent a house for as long as you want you could stay for a weekend are a month.Also you can pick how the house is desighned .We have servers who serve you food when ever you want for free.Those are only two places you can stay but there's many more.
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