Geek in the House!

A few tech tips for you to use or try this month :)

Google Workshops!

Want to learn the basics of Google or need a refresher? Sign up for a Google Workshop happening October 21st at the HS and October 23rd at Satz! Space is limited so sign up soon!

High School Click here

Satz Click Here

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You will find the Synergyse logo in all of your Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Classroom...). Just click on the logo and it will give you on the spot training for whatever you need help with. It really is a fantastic tool for a quick answer to your Google questions. Click here for a video all about it. If you don't see the logo you may not be logged into your Chrome account - watch the video below "How to get my bookmarks" to show you how to log into your Chrome account properly.
I came across this blog post about different ways the autor uses the new Question feature in Google Classroom in her AP US History class. Her ideas could be used in any classroom. If you want help in using Google Classroom or want me to help you introduce it to your students, just email me!

Why Can't I see my bookmarks or the Synergyse logo when I log into my Chrome account?

To see Chrome bookmarks and extensions that you installed at home or from another location you need to make sure you are logged into your Chrome account. This is different than being logged into your Google account which lets you see your Gmail, Drive...Confused? I don't blame you! Below is a quick video showing you a faster way to sign in and how to get your bookmarks.

What do I do when I get an "invite" in my email?

It is important to respond to calendar invites when they come in your email. Below is a quick video to show you what to do when you get sent one.
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Saturday, Nov. 21st, 7:30am

139 Mountain Avenue

Springfield Township, NJ

If you like "Coffee Talks" you will LOVE EDcampNJ. EDcampNJ is an annual conference put on by teachers for teachers. It is an "unconference" which means that the schedule is built the day of EDcamp and anyone can propose a session. Sessions are discussion based in nature where you learn from each other. Best part - you are not stuck in any one session. If a session isn't meeting your needs, it is ok for you to get up and go to another. Free breakfast and lunch is provided. Great prizes will be raffled off as well (If you come, find me and I will sneak you an extra raffle ticket!). Click here to register and to learn more about what EDcampNJ is all about.