Save The Rainforests

help the plants and animals and you will be helping you

The Biggest Threat

The biggest is humans and what were doing. We are logging in about 1 minute 200 football fields of our beautiful rainforests. It is so sad to our rainforests being destroyed. Even by buying foods with palm oil in them is harming the rainforest because that palm oil could of came from a palm tree from our wonderful rainforests. Also if you live in a house mad of wood that wood could of came from a tree in the rainforest. I am not saying don't live in a wooden house or don't buy food but when you do buy food read the label to see if it came from palm oil and and when check were the wood came from. Another thing that would help the plants and animals would to recycle the things that you could use again.


The effects that will happen if we have no rainforest are global warming and less fresh air. We breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide and trees and plants breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen so if there are less trees the will be more carbon dioxide and less oxygen.

Endangered animals

There are many animals that are endangered by deforestation and logging. Half of the worlds animals live in the rainforest. Do you really want half of our worlds going extinct because of us? Some of the cutest animals live in the rainforest and are endangered. Some endangered animals are orangutans, jaguars, golden lion tamarins, tree kangaroos, cassawarys and many more.