Everything to know about Research

By: Delaney Zyniewicz

What do I need in order to have good research?

You will need

  • Cites/Citations
  • Good research sources (Ex. .com vs edu, .gov, .org)
  • Keywords
  • Find accurate information (Ex. find research on a website, check and see if the same information is in a book)
  • Trust credible websites or books(I recommend books)

What different and credible resources do we have?

We have all the different resources from Mrs. Robaska from the library. We have all different resources such as:



You can use these sources to help you will anything from homework, to any other class research that you have. These are great tools to help you with anything you are learning about in school.


How do we correctly use keywords?

When researching you will need to find keywords. This means that when researching you do not want to copy down every detail you find, first of all it is plagiarizing and 2nd of all it is a waste of our time. When, searching for keywords in the paragraph you want to look for main words that are in your research questions that you have about the topic.

Website Credibility Evaluation

When researching, if a source is credible or not, you want to look for many things. For example, you should use books or the websites that Mrs. Robaska provided for us because those are for sure credible resources to use. In order, to find out whether one of your own websites are credible means you can go to a different source and find the same/similar information. Some .com websites and be credible but you can not compare it to .edu,.org, or .gov those are credible and reliable resources to use.

Quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

Summarizing is were you tie together everything that happened in the article. Quoting is were you type everything directly word for word from the text but you put quotes around the sentence so it won't be plagiarizing. But be careful of how many times you use quotations in your writing because it still can be counted as plagiarism.Paraphrasing is you take somebody else's words and you make them your own.

What is plagiarism and how can I prevent it?

Plagiarism is were you steal somebody else's words or idea, put it into your own paper and don't give credit. You can prevent this in many different ways such as quoting and paraphrasing. Be careful when quoting because if you use it too much then it can still count as plagiarism because you are still using someone else's idea. You can simply avoid by giving credit to the author in a bibliography.

MLA Citiations

Citations is a document system referring to citing your sources. This is a way of citing your sources so it will not be in consequence for plagiarism. You should always use MLA citations when you are writing because this is were you can find citing your sources a bit easier, so don't use any other different citations that can be found on the page because it could be referring to something else not on a research page. This is a great source for when using ïn text citations. In text citations are simply MLA citations. You should always use citations when doing research and you got your research from a website then this will save you from getting in a whole lot of trouble.