Battle of Ypres

Christian Bustinza


  • First Battle of Ypres- (October 19 – November 22, 1914)
  • Second Battle of Ypres- (April 22 – May 15, 1915)
  • Battle of Passchendaele- (July 31 – November 6, 1917)
  • Battle of the Lys -(April 9 – April 29, 1918),
  • the Battle of Ypres 1918- (September 28 – October 2, 1918)

First battle of Ypres summary

The first battle of Ypres took place near the city of Ypres, Belgium, on October 19th, 1914. This battle lasted until November, 1914, this battle only lasted for a month but four more battles were soon to come. Before the battle of Ypres the battle of Marne had just took place and the German army and allied British and Belgian army raced to the port of the North Sea near the city of Ypres. The British made their travel to Ypres before the Germans and prepared to defend. Guarded, by the British, French, and Belgian, the way to capture the ports by the English channel would prove to be a difficult task for the Germans, their choice was to start an attack and rush in to capture the ports, which would let them control the exits to the North Sea. The German army proved to have greater numbers than the allied forces but, the allied forces defended ypres until winter hit and both sides stopped battle for a time, which would lead to the second battle of ypres, that would come in a few short months.

Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth battle of Ypres short summary

Through a four year period battles raged on between the Germans and allied forces, lethal gas became a big part in these battles after the first battle. The Germans would take control of Ypres in the fourth battle and push back the allied forces. In the end though at the final battle of Ypres, the allied forces were lead by King Albert I, of Belgium and sent an overwhelming attack to retake the ports and win the battle thus ending the battles of Ypres. The allied forces won the final battle of Ypres.

Technology used in battle

Story of mans grandpa telling his struggles through the battle of Ypres in a journal.


  • German- Erich von Falkenhayn
  • French- Sir John French
  • British- Edmund Allenby
  • Belgian- King Albert I
  • French- Ferdinand Foch >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Troop info

  • Casualties for the alliance overall- about 350,000 soldiers
  • Casualties for the Germans overall- about 450,000

Other attractions

The Bellewaerde is a theme park near Ypres, the address is down below

Address- Meenseweg 497, Ieper (Ypres) 8900, Belgium