Sydney Australia

By Garrett Admire


Sydney is a great city in Australia. I picked this city because it has a variety of activies and several places to go, as well as an interesting history. This city is a great place to go have fun and relax.


There are many attractions including natural and sites that memorial. Natural attractions like the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Royal National Park are fun places that show off how cool nature can be. Attractions like the Sydney memorial and the Sydney Opra house are places that have been great tourist attractions. All are interesting places that would be fun for anybody wanting to see the city's interesting places.


activities and sports

Sydney is a veary active city and has many festivals like the Winter Magic Festival and the Norther Beaches Music Festival. If you are a person who loves to sunbathe on a beach there are many nice beaches like the Bondi Beach and the Palm Beach. As well as many sports to play while including all sports you would find normaly here in Texas. You will find that Australia also plays cricket and has the perfect conditions for people who like to surf.


In a nutshell Sydney is an interesting city with plentyof things to do, and the city has an interesting history. I would realy hope to one day going to there one day.