By: Julia Chheng

I Don't Know What to Eat for Dinner!

Everybody loves food and if they say they don't, they're probably lying. Food is a necessity to life. Food is found all around us, but sometimes you just don't know what and where to eat. Not to mention, not all restaurants are what you call, "Grade A". Here are some of my favorite foods that may spark your interest.



  • Origin: Sushi was first introduced in Japan during the 12th century
  • Nutrition Facts: (According to calorie count)
Salmon Sashimi
- Serving Size:1

- Calorie Count: 41

- Sodium: 18 mg

  • Celebrity Endorsement: Mr. Jiro (Sushi Maker)
  • Served for the holidays: Year-round food
  • Who makes the best? Sake 2 Me Sushi